ACECH State-Counties-City Symposium 2017

Hale Koa Hotel

April 6, 2017

The ACECH State-Counties-City Symposium held on April 4, 2017 at the Hale Koa Hotel,  Representatives of various government agencies, including officials from Kauai, Maui, and Hawaii Counties, presented workshops focusing on upcoming projects, agency specific rules and regulations, strategic initiatives, and other topics to improve and enhance the knowledge base, technical expertise, and business bottom-line of member firms.

Workshop Session Presentations

Workshop Video PowerPoint Presenter(s)
 Download PowerPoint File Keith Okamoto, Manager-Chief Engineer
Dept. of Water Supply –
County of Hawaii –
CIP and Special Maintenance Future Projects
 Download PowerPoint File Bill Kurcharski, Director
Dept. of Environmental Management –
County of Hawaii –
CIP and Special Maintenance Future Projects
Download PowerPoint File Frank DeMarco, P.E., Director
Dept. of Public Works –
County of Hawaii –
CIP and Special Maintenance Future Projects
Download PowerPoint File Harrison Rue, Community Building
and TOD Administrator
Dept. of Planning and Permitting –
City & County of Honolulu –
Transit Oriented Development (TOD)
Download PowerPoint File Lori Kahikina, Director
Dept. of Environmental Services –
City & County of Honolulu –
Welcoming DDC-WD and DPP-WB to the ENV Ohana and FY18 ENV CIP Program
 Download PowerPoint File Randall Wakumoto, Branch Head
Storm Water Quality Branch
Dept. of Facilities Management –
City & County of Honolulu –
Stormwater Rules.
Mark Kikuchi
Dept. of Transportation Services –
City & County of Honolulu –
Complete Streets
 Download PowerPoint File Robert Kroning, Director
Dept. of Design and Construction –
City & County of Honolulu –
DDC Top Projects and
Smaller Cities Initiatives
Download PowerPoint File Ernest Lau,
Manager and Chief Engineer
Honolulu Board of Water Supply
 Download PowerPoint File Ford Fuchigami, Director
Dept. of Transportation –
State of Hawaii –
Update to Overall State CIP Program
Download PowerPoint File Darryl Lum,
Permit Section Supervisor
Ed Chen,
Environmental Engineer
Clean Water Branch –
Dept. of Health –
State of Hawaii –
Section 401 Water Quality Certifications
Download PowerPoint File Edwin Matsuda, Section Head
Flood Control and Dam Safety
Carol Tyau-Beam,
State NFIP Coordination
Jesse Colandrea, State General Flood Control Plan Coordinator
Engineering Division –
Dept. of Land and Natural Resources –
State of Hawaii –
Flood Mitigation Programs and Resources
 PowerPoint File Download Duane Kashiwai, Public Works
Dept. of Education –
State of Hawaii –
Updates and Future Projects
Donna Kiyosaki, Associate Vice
President for Administration
University of Hawaii –
Strategic Initiatives at
the University of Hawaii
Overview of changes at the University to address challenges in the areas of CIP, project delivery, and
facilities maintenance.
Download PowerPoint File Stewart Stant,
Michael Miyamoto,
Deputy Director,
Department of
Environmental Management –
County of Maui –
MANA (Maui All Natural Alternative) Energy & Sludge drying project for the Kahului Wastewater
Reclamation Facility
Download PowerPoint File Lyle Tabata, Acting County
County of Kauai –
Update on the County of Kauai DPW CIP projects Roads, Highways and Bridges, Waste Water, Solid Waste, and