2017 Engineering Excellence Grand Conceptor Award Winner

H-1 PM Contraflow Project submitted by Wilson Okamoto Corporation

The H-1 PM Contraflow Project increases the capacity of the H-1 Freeway for westbound commuters from Radford Drive Overpass to Waiawa (H-1/H-2 merge), a six-mile corridor, during afternoon peak traffic period. The HDCC-WOC team developed alternative improvements that reduced construction and operational costs and implemented with a shorter schedule and less disruption. Overall, the project added a full lane of capacity for afternoon traffic from Halawa to Waikele with the portion from Pearl City to Waikele available to drivers during all hours. The combination of innovative techniques and materials, including utilizing a precast concrete slab system, which was the first application of rapid concrete pavement replacement with precast pavement panels in Hawaii, helped the overall project timeline and reduced impacts to those affected by the project. Construction commenced in June 2012 and was completed October 2015 at a cost of $82 million.