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111 S. King Street, Suite 170
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813
(808) 523-5866
(808) 523-5874
Paul T. Matsuda, Ryan M.K. Char, Charles Y. Kaneshiro, Francis S. Oda, Norman G.Y. Hong, Sheryl B. Seaman, Linda C. Miki, Stephen H. Yuen, James L. Stone, Tom Young, Katie MacNeil, Ma Ry Kim, Craig Takahata, Jeffrey H. Overton, Christine M. Ruotola, Kawika McKeague
Civil Engineering, General Municipal, Wastewater, Water, Transportation, Land Development, Planning & Environment, Architecture, Interior Design

Established in 1971, G70, is an award-winning design firm founded in Honolulu. G70 is a full service multi-disciplined design firm deeply invested in understanding and perpetuating the cultural and historical resonance of the places we are touching. G70 specializes in civil engineering, architecture, planning, and interior design for resort communities, residential projects, educational and medical facilities, mixed-use commercial ventures, utilities and roadway infrastructures, and all phases of master planning.  We endeavor to create exceptional value for our clients and communities by aligning with our clients' dreams and projecting them with farsighted vision. We image futures.

For more information on Hawaii's leading multi-discipline design firm specializing in architecture, interior design, civil engineer, planning, and environment, visit www.g70.design